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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas-eve (?)^^ Party

On the 24th of December, special guests visited BIBA.

Kim Yoon-young (3p)

An Seong-jun (3p)

Jin Seung-jae (ama 7d, formal 1st group younguseng)

Lee Min-ho (ama 7d, formal 3rd group younguseng-greenpig on kgs)

We played some Baduk games, first a team tournament, then relay tournament.
Relay tournament was tough, we played only one game but 7 people were Black and 7 were White. Every 10 moves new player played. :) The avarange rank of the teams were about same, but sometimes there were big difference between players, so the game was quite fun. :)

After the Baduk games, we played some English quiz games, so the special guests could show their English power, or I should rather say telepathy power. :)

Let me show some example:

Jin Seung-jae: Animal. Wondering at night.....
at first noone had any clue, but after few seconds
Kim Yoon-young came up with the solution: Cat

Still not sure how could she know :)

Another example for strong telepathy:
Seung-jae: Animal. It has big mouth.
Yoon-young (after one second): Hippo.

Well... :)

But sometimes telepathy didnt work:
Yoon-young: Not alive, not dead.
Seung-jae: Zombie.
(Seung-jae missed the small important fact that it was a baduk term :) -> ko :)

Cute video about Yoon-young :) --->!/photo.php?v=2739284932903

After this game, we created a new game. It was about which team can replay a pro game faster.
There were 6 people in one team. Two people tried to replay the game according how the other people explained the next move for them.

Yurika, a Japanese lady just arrived on this day around 4pm.
She joined the games immediately. Yurika was Black and tried to replay a game with Seung-jae (White) together.
In the other team, An Seung-jun and Foosh were replaying. Only thing we worried about that An Seung-jun might know the game by heart. So we chose an old game. ;)

Genial is telling the pro where to play ;-)

After these games, we went to eat all together (Blackie, Dia, Yoon-young, Seung-jae, Min-ho, Zhang Xiang /to be honest at this time he was rather Tomato:)/, Alvin, Foosh, Daniel, Book, Genial and Kerem.) Unfortunately An Seung-jun couldn't join for dinner and later Daniel and Minho couldn't join for karaoke either.
Anyway Blackie invited all of us for a nice dinner, then we ended up in a marathon karaoke. Book amazed us by showing how many Korean songs he knows. :)

The lady from the restaurant couldn't manage to take a picture, so Blackie sacraficed himself, that's why he is not on the picture :( :)

As for a European, it was quite an extraordinary Christmas-eve, but really fun. Hopefully everyone enjoyed. :)

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