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Kim Seung-jun (Blackie) 9p

1988 - Became pro.
1994 - Kukgi Cup, 2nd place (after Lee Chang-ho).
1996 - LG Cup, best 8.
1997 - Samsung Cup, best 4.
2003 - Nongshim Cup, member of the winning Korean team.
2010 - ASIAN GAME men's coach. (3 gold medals: man individual, woman individual, pair)
2011 - BC Card Cup, best 16.
2012 - BC Card Cup, best 32.

Diana Koszegi 1p

1997 - Female World Championship, 4th place.
1998 - WAGC, 9th place; 6wins, 2 loss.
2000 - European Champion, Hungarian Champion.
2005 - Entered to Myongji University. Became younguseng.
2008 - Became pro. Graduated at Myongji University.
            Translator of several Korean books.

Blackie and Dia opened BIBA (Blackie's International Baduk Academy) 
on the 31st of January, 2011.

Other teachers:

On So-jin 7p - Spends a lot of time in BIBA and teaches the students to get practice speaking English.
Lee Hyun-wook 7p - Teacher in the Korean school (Jin-seok Baduk Academy) right next to BIBA.
Seong Gi-jeong 5d - Director of the Korean school, Actual game practice with B group students.
Park Young-un 7d - Actual game practice (former younguseng /insei/ 1st class).
Kim Young-sam 7d -  Actual game practice (former younguseng /insei/ 3rd class, winner of EGC 2010, currently in army since 2012, September)

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