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Monday, December 5, 2011

Team Tournament for Chips

We asked Yoo Jae-seong's school, if 3 kids could come to play with the actual top 3 players in BIBA. (Ondra, Fredrik and Ali).
Usually the kids from Yoo Jae-seong's school are coming every Thursday, but we thought it would be a useful training for the weekend.
On Saturday, there will be a lighting tournament in Daejon. Ondra, Fred and Ali are going. Time setting will be only byoyomi (30 seconds 2 times).
So today they play similar time setting, 5 minutes main time and byoyomi 30 seconds 2 times.
The first round BIBA won with perfect score, 3-0, however in the second round they lost all their games. Therefore the final round is going to decide whether the kids get chips or not. The BIBA students promised to the kids, they will buy them chips if they win the team tournament. (motivation for the young kids to play more seriously :)

The current result is...

Let's see how it will end........

Final Result


  1. First game finished... Fred won :)
    Just need one more win out of two games and BIBA wins (and no chips)

  2. Ondra also won... (so already no chips and BIBA won for sure) but it seems Ali is going to win too..

  3. and Ali too.. :)
    so BIBA won 2-1 (6wins-3loss) :)