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Current Students

This page is still under construction. Pictures will be added soon !!

Gareth Davis

Gareth has stayed few days at KBC (Hungary), afterwards he decided to continue his studies at BIBA. He is planning on studying for 2 years here. If he keeps on studying so hard, he should become a top player in the U.K. soon. He helps a lot with teaching English for visitors (professinal players or strong amateurs).

KGS Account: -
Country: U.K.
Year of birth: 1986
Rank: 3k (we think about 1k-1d)
Trip duration: 2 years
Gossip: Very diligent student, but one big problem with him, only plays good foot-volleyball, if he is with Blackie against me (Dia). :(

Thomas Danel

Thomas came to BIBA for 3 months, however he decided to stay longer. It seems we can manage to handle his financial problem, cause he will be able to teach Baduk in English for Korean little kids, few hours per a week. Right now his plan is staying 1 year.

KGS Account: Katan
Country: France
Year of birth: 1989
Rank: 3d
Trip duration:  3 month (extending to a half year or a year)
Gossip: Sausage, 10 seconds game, 9 stones..............

Simon Decelle

Simon came to BIBA a little after Thomas has arrived. Both of them are picking up the Korean language pretty fast. He is considering to join to the Myongji University. Simon is famous about his "I don't know" shoulder dance. ;)

KGS Account:
Country: France
Year of birth: 1991
Rank: 2d
Trip duration:  3 months
Gossip: He wants to work at the cafe next to Kiwon. ^^


Daniel is studying at Myongji University, so he comes to BIBA on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Thanks to him we always have some snacks at BIBA, whenever he visits us, he brings some tasty stuffs. Thank you! :)

KGS Account: -
Country: Singapore
Year of birth: 1987
Rank: 3d
Trip duration: Continuously~
Gossip: Scared from Blackie? :) /never wants to stay over, when Blackie invites him/

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