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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Year Party (and opening party:)

Since we have started BIBA, we didn't have time to make an opening party.
Well, actually at first we moved into a Korean school and about 3 months ago we started to rent an office only for BIBA. But no worries, this office is on the same floor with the Korean school, so there is still chance to play with Korean kids. :) Moreover, twice a week we invite Korean kids from other school (Wednesday-Sanbon Academy, Thursday or Friday-Yoo Jae-seong Academy), so the strong foreigner players can play team games with stronger kids.

Anyway we decided to make an opening party before New Year, just before the Singaporean guys leaves. Therefore it became an opening, a New Year and a Bye-Bye party (for the Singaporean guys) at the same time. :)

Many people came to celebrate with us. Even top professional players:

Jo Han-sung 9p Title holder of Guksu Cup.

Song Tae-kwon 9p 2nd place on Fujitsu Cup /few years ago^^/

Great chance to take picture with them:)

Female professional players:

Kim Yoon-young 3p /many people know her well already :) but anyway gold and bronze medalist on 2010 Asian games/

Kim Hyo-jeong 3p (She is a very famous broadcaster at Baduk TV. This time she was my partner in atari Baduk, when we played against Jo Han-sung and Choi Dong-eun :)

Choi Dong-eun 1p (She became pro when she was very young /13years old/, and she went to Canada, finished her studies there. He has just recently returned back to Korea.)
Ali got the chance to play with her atari Baduk. I think Ali did pretty well. :)

Two lucky students got the chance to play with Jo Han-sung. Kerem from Turkey and Foosh from Singapore. :)

Team games with other guests. (on the right, Mok Jin-seok's father. He is about 4-5d and also very good at sports. :) Zhang Xiang seems to be more interested at Jo Han-seung's games. So definitely no chance for him against the Korean 7d. :( :)

Tasty buffet for the special event.

Talking and enjoying the food. On the left with glasses, Lee Sang-hoon 9p, from behind Jeong Su-hyun 9p (also professor of Myongji University), and the guy with hat, Blackie's first teacher; his father. :)

Trying to find something to cut the cake. :)

I think we didnt manage to cut it, but seems still everyone enjoyed eating it. :)

Name list. People who came to celebrate together with us.

Last picture with the Singaporean guys.

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