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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Very busy days 4 - Samsung Cup

After Hanbayon, we all gathered at BIBA and went directly to the Samsung Training Institute at Daejon to watch the Semi-final games; Won Sung-jin vs ChonYaoye, and Na Hyun vs Gu Li. Best of 3 can go to the final.

We were 15 people, Blackie, me (Dia) and 13 students, so we needed a mini bus and Blackie's car.

We made special training schedule during these four days, going to show through pictures.

List of the students.

BIBA - from the left, standing - Vladimiro, Yury, Dusan, Issa, Ron, Dia, Ali, Blackie, Fredrik, Alessandro - sitting - Corlan, Him, Gabriel, Ondra - and Benjamin -

Players, Leagues and Schedule

Detailed schedule.

League games

Studying together, giving interview to K-Baduk TV and playing with top amateur players. On the picture, possible to see Corlan playing with one of the top senior amateur players. Park Chi-moon 7d. He is a journalist and he also writes the Samsung Cup book every year.

Guessing move game. Ondra invented a game, everyone starts with 10 points and we can bet on the next move. Minimum bet is 10 points. If you guess well, you get 20, if you miss it, you lose your 10 points. Gabriel, Benjamin, Ondra, Him, Dusan were playing, but Ondra got to play with another strong 7d player, so I replaced him for few rounds. We were playing on Nahyun vs Gu Li game and Fredrik told me that later Gu Li suggested my move to Nahyun. :) But that doesn't count, I still lost my 10 points bet, cause I didn't guess Nahyun's move. :)

We were studying together with Hwang Yi-jhong (he is the team leader of the Chinese players, also one of the top player in China, he has been already in the best 4 in Samsung Cup. He is very kind and nice to the foreigners, explained many variations to BIBA students.

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  1. Waow, so many students! I'm happy to see BIBA growing so fast :-)