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Monday, November 7, 2011

Very busy days 3 - Hanbayon Tournament

The team tournament was finished on Friday, and on Saturday everyone arrived to Sanbon. (During the tournament, the players of the team tournament stayed in Seoul) After we arranged the accommodation for 13 people, we played small team tournament at BIBA and gave more interviews for K-Baduk TV.

There were 4 teams with 4 players.

Blackie is playing on the first board for Team A and Dusan is playing on the first board for Team B. Two stones game, Blackie won.

Right after this busy Saturday, there was a big tournament on Sunday (30th of October), which is called Hanbayon. I have already mentioned this tournament, it is played on every last Sunday in every month, and of course this Sunday was the day. :) It is for elementery school students (there is no age limit for foreigners), before they become yonguseng (insei), so the teachers, parents can know how their their studies going on. (We can also see our BIBA students's improvements:)

Everyone played except Dusan and Fredrik, they got a bit sick, so they decided to play from next league.
There are 11 groups (strongest group and from 1th to 10th group) , around 20 kids per group. Swiss system. The kids has to start from the 10th group, when they first enter to hanbayon, but we can tell about the rank of BIBA students, so they can start from higher groups. our estimation was more or less correct. Ondra played in the strongest group. Benjamin and Him tried the 1st group. Gabriel made a nice result in the 2nd group. Ali got 3 wins while Corlan got 2 wins in the 2nd group. Both; Vladimiro and Yury should have played in the 5th group, but somehow Vladimiro ended up in the 4th group and Yury in the 6th. So Vladimiro had hard time, while Yury could make many wins. Sorry. :) Alessandro did very well in the 8th group, if he would have stayed longer he would go up to 7th group, and Issa managed to stay in the 9th group. Hopefully next time he goes up. :)

So if someone makes a good performance, he can go up one group, if someone makes bad result, then will drop down.
I almost forgot, Gabriel managed to go up to 1st group and luckily his plane is on the 30th of November, so he has chance to play next league. He promised if he can go up to strongest group, he will stay to play in the next league as well. :) Good Luck Gabriel ^^

Result of the Hanbayon Tournament

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