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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2nd Team Tournament against Yoo Jae-sung's Academy

The first team tournament between Korean kids from Yoo Jae-sung's academy was played on 3rd of November, unfortunately the result was not good for BIBA (1-11). A weak later BIBA challenged the kids again.

Some pictures:

BIBA vs Yoo Jae-sung's academy, First round

Second round, BIBA students took their revange :)

After the first round, Blackie talked to the guys, that they should show some power otherwise the kids probably wont feel like coming back again. :)
Also Blackie wanted to suggest to play with 1 stone handicap, but it seems this was too much, so they asked for a last chance to play even game, and finally they showed how to win. :)

Group review after the games.

So during first round they did 3 wins 6 loss, but on the second round BIBA managed to win 6 and loss 3 only.

(on the last two boards during first round the difference were too big, so BIBA students get 2 stones handicap, otherwise all game were played even)

After dinner, there was a lecture about Nirensei for 2 hours.

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  1. Actually today is the 3rd tournament between Yoo Jae-sung's school and BIBA. After I add one more news and they finish today's games, I will add the result again. Hopefully BIBA will do well! :)