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Monday, November 7, 2011

Very busy days 2 - Team Tournament on K-Baduk TV

Right after the KPMC there was a team tournament between Asian, European and World team (25th to 28th of October). The system of this team tournament is same with the Nongshim Cup’s system; it is called King of the Hill; the one who wins, stays at the table.

Rita (European Team-Hungarian 4d) vs Him (Asian Team-Thailand 5d)
Him won by resignation.

Blackie was the World Team captain, but on the first day he had time only for attending on the opening ceremony then he had to go for a long way to comment the 2nd game from Guksu title games. (as I said, really busy days:)

Anyway our players were Gabriel 6d, Avelio 4d from Chile, Vladimiro 4d from Mexico, Tony 4d from Canada (he is currently student at Myeongji University) and Konrad 2d from South Africa.
It was a 4 days event near Hankuk Kiwon, at Wangsimli station.
The European team was really strong, so as it was expected they won the championship, still there were some interesting games and dramatic moments.

Most of the players stayed at BIBA after this tournament, Blackie and me had to be at the tournament place as well, so we decided to study 4 days at the tournament place.

It was a good decision, we could study the games together, students could play with kids from a Baduk Academy which was near by and also got the chance to play with pro players who visited this event.

Mok Jin-seok 9p /mumu/ lives close to Hangkuk Kiwon, so he visited this event and was very kind and reviewed the game with the players together. This was the game when Gabriel broke Pavol's winning streak (Pavol had already 6 wins). Gabriel's win gave some hope for World Team, but unfortunately he lost the next game against Zhang Xiang (Singapore 6d from the Asian Team). Possible to see Blackie in the background, commenting the game on K-Baduk TV (each team captain commented three games on TV).

Mok Jin-seok made some difficult life and death problems for the players and for the BIBA students of course. :) Enjoy! :)

Park Ji-yeon 2p also visited the team tournament as well and played some teaching games with BIBA students. Fredrik managed to win in a 2 stones handicap game.

Blackie is reviewing. There were no tables left. :) Actually the tournament was played at the entrance of the subway station, so many people stopped by and watch this event.

More games. Park Ji-yeon played with Dusan as well and Kim Je-yeong (Kim Sung-rae sabom's daughter, she recently became pro) played with Corlan. Both games were played on 2 stones. Dusan lost while Corlan won. :) Me (Dia) and Blackie are playing another game, learned from European players. it's called petanque go :)

Since we were close to Hankuk Kiwon, once we went to watch the Baduk League games and Blackie played testing games with Zhang Xiang and Benjamin. Next day, they had to play together. I asked Blackie and he thought probably Zhang Xiang will win against Benjamin, however in the endgame, Benjamin managed to turn the table and made the European Team the winner of the tournament, by defeating Zhang Xiang by 1,5 points.

Two players (Dusan and Ondra) from European Team didn't even get the chance to play, because their team already won. Therefore there was an event game between Blackie (Kim Seung-jun 9p) and Ondra (Czech 6d).

Handicap was reverse komi 6 points, Blackie won by resignation.

After this tournament, Benjamin 6d from Germany and Him 5d from Thailand also decided to join to BIBA for few days more and go to Samsung Cup with us. Blackie managed to change Benjamin ticket's 12 hours before his flight was, we may call it magic. :)


  1. Well, Blackie IS a magician ^^. That tournament must have been epic. I hope the recording will be available eventualy!

  2. It seems so, he just changed Vladimiro's ticket again. :) Hopefully soon we get a copy of the videos.