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Monday, November 7, 2011

Very busy days 1 - Team tournament with Korean kids and visiting KPMC

We have been very busy since the end of October.

First of all we visited the Korean Prime Minister Cup from the 21st to 24th of October.
Blackie was invited for KPMC as a refree and to give some comments, I (Dia) was also there to review some games and help with language difficulties.
It was also a nice opportunity to meet with our students.

Many players joined to BIBA from that tournament. Corlan 5d from Romania, Gabriel 6d from Argentina, Dusan 6d from Serbia, Fredrik 6d from Sweden, Ali 6d and Ron 4d from Israel already joined us for few days before the tournament, to get rid of the jetlag and to practice a bit before the World Championship starts.

They played a small team tournament with Korean kids, avarage age 12, avarage strength 6d. First round BIBA team managed 1 victory, thanks to Fredrik but 2nd round they lost all their games. So all together 1 win 11 loss. Soon they will play another team tournament, hopefully with better result. :)

After KPMC was finished Ondra 6d from Czech, Yury 4d from Russia, Vladimiro 4d from Mexico and Alessandro 3d from Italy also joined to BIBA.

Ondra and Fredrik did well at KPMC, Ondra got 7th place (Best European place) and Fredrik got 8th place, they both won 4 games. Congratulations.

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