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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Samsung Cup-best 16 and 8

We visited the Samsung cup with the BIBA students together. Every year the best games are played in the Samsung Insurance Training Institute in Daejon. On Tuesday (4th of Oct) the best 16 and on Wednesday (5th of Oct) the best 8 games were played.
We went on Sunday night and arrived around 3am, to avoid the traffic jam and to be able to play some sports with the pro players on the next day. :)
There is a league made by young professional players and they always go to the Samsung cup for a 4-5 days training, so there are many professional players on this event. They enjoy sports together and studies the best players game, just like we also did.

We took many pictures, I will comment the photos, so everyone can see how this event looks like.

The view of the training institute.

Monday morning. There were 4 groups competing with eachother. This time in basketball.

One of the other sport was chokku (foot volleyball). It is possible to see Marc in the middle of the picture. :)

Our new student, Daniel from Singapore. Actually he is studying at Myeongji, but from October, he is going to come three times per a week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Daniel and Issa played a game, then Blackie reviewed it.

Tuesday morning, study room. It was really crowded. We also went to study the games.

Actually the young pros have tough training, waking up early in the morning, running, then league games with eachother, then studying the Samsung cup games, so some became a bit sleepy during the review. :)
We are planning to go to the Samsung cup in November as well, thinking about a similar training system. :-p

After Kim Jiseok (standing behind me-Dia) qualified to the best 8, he joined us for a short time. Moon Dowon (on my left-she won 7 games in a row in the female team tournament) was reviewing with us as well.

Dinner time. Really nice bufe. :) Open for the participants and visitors for breakfast, lunch and dinner. However we usually missed the breakfast. :)

Nice opportunity to take pictures with famous players. After dinner, Blackie asked Lee Chang-ho to take pictures together with the students. :)
It was a bit hard to ask him, cause he lost his game, but he was very kind and didnt say no. Actually Lee Se-dol was also there, but since he also lost, we decided to ask him next time. No overplay. :)

Wednesday afternoon.
Usually the study room was well balanced, but in one point, all the people moved to one table, then someone told me, Gu Li is reviewing his game. After Gu Li won his game, he came to the study room and started to review his game with the other Chinese players. So all the young pros and young students surrounded him immediately. Issa joined too. :)

On Wednesday evening, Choi Myeong-hun 9 dan (same age with Lee Chang-ho, used to play several title games with Lee Chang-ho) was very nice and played with Marc and Issa. Marc lost in 4 stones and Issa lost in 6 stones.

After they finished their games, we came back to Sanbon, it takes about 2 hours by car.
As I said before, we will come back to watch the semi-final games as well. It is going to be between Na-hyun 1p vs Gu Li 9p and Won Seong-jin 9p vs Cheonyaoye 9p.
We have to rent a bigger car (rather bus), cause it seems we are going to go with 11 students. :)


  1. this is so coool!!! i love baduk, but i think i dont have anymore chance to go for the study trip.
    where can i get the full information?

    please update more often and upload more photos!!
    thank you :D

  2. check my blog for more photos:

  3. I was looking forward to see more updates on the blog, but now I'm almost jealous :p I wish I could have stayed a bit longer to see that.