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Friday, November 18, 2011

1st Team Tournament against Kwon Gap-yong's Academy

Last Friday we visited the school where Lee Sedol, Choi Cheol-han and other top players were studying. It is one of the biggest school in Korea. We are planning to visit them at least once a month.

BIBA students played 3 games. In the first round they played even games, in the second round 1 stone and in third round they played with the strongest students from the academy, so they got 2 stones handicap.

Dusan saved BIBA, he managed to win 3 games :), Ali won 2 games but the other 10 students won only 4 games out of 26 games.

So total score was 9 wins 27 loss :(

Score tables from each round:

Result of first round. Opponents are not yongusengs yet. Every game was played even.

Result of second round. Every game was played by 1 stone handicap. Some of the opponents are already younguseng. For example Ondra's opponent is from 6th group. Others from 9th or 10th.... and two from the 1st group are female youngusengs.

Result of third round. Every game was played by 2 stones handicap. All youngusengs are boys. The children from 1st and 2nd group are already played in professional tournaments and beat pro players as well. They are very close to become pro players (there was a small mistake in pairing so Jiehui got lucky and played with a younguseng from 2nd group).

BIBA vs Kwon Gap-yong Academy

Ondra vs Kang Ji-hoon (1st group younguseng-2 stones handicap, Ondra said the game was over after 50 moves)

Group picture

We will go back in next month. Hopefully with a better result that time. :)

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