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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Life and Death

We have already decided to put some life and death problems on our blog, but from now on we will also check and teach the solutions for you guys. Let's start with four problems per a week. Try to solve these problems and if you are interested in the solutions, join us when we check the problems. Usually it will be a week later, but for exact date and time, I will let you guys know few days before the life and death lecture. All you have to do is to solve the problems and join to the BIBA room on KGS.

Lower left corner & Upper right corner: Black to play
Upper left corner & Lower right corner: White to play

Good Luck! ^^

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  1. We are going to show the solutions on the next week. 12th of July, 6pm European time (13th of July, 1am in Korea). Many things happened in the last few days, I will post some news with pictures and videos.