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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


We have received some pictures about the sport activities at 야유회 (picnic with pro players).

There were 3 teams at 야유회. We all (from BIBA) were in the same team. Blackie and Jon are turning the loop, me and other pro players had to jump as many times as possible. I think our record was 17 jumps. Best team made 33. :)

There was a relay race as well, with this big blue plastic thing (not easy to run with it :) ......
I (Dia) was changing with Jon.
Jon seems to be really fast (check his hair :)

At the end our team ended up at the 2nd place.
Anyway it was a nice time playing sports together, we are planning to go to the next 야유회 as well. :)

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