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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Long time no news

We got two new students. The first student is a new Maxime (we call him Max) also from Canada, Quebec city. He has arrived on the 5th of July. His plane was late, but the Korean International Airport is on an Island so thanks to Maxime, Blackie and me (Dia) got a short holiday and visited a beach near by. Thanks Max :-p (for the future students: feel free to be late :)
Actually it has been a month..... and Max is leaving tomorrow. His plane departes at 5pm and a new student Vovka (from Ukraine) is arriving at the evening around 9pm. If Blackie would have lost his first round on Samsung cup today, after taking Max to the airport, we could have go and wait for Vovka at the beach. But luckily (?,!) :) Blackie won today against Park Seung-hwa. So good luck for him tomorrow too. :)

The other student is Barkin, from Turkey. We have met with him in the first Turkish camp, where we were invited. He couldn't come for the second Turkish camp, but he was very nice and help us in Istanbul, when we were on the way to the airport. Tesekur-Thank you /in Turkish/ :)

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