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Friday, May 6, 2011

Extra Activities during the First 3 Months

It has been already 3 months since the school was opened. There were several activites besides studying in the academy, such as welcome parties, hiking, sports, visiting Hangkuk Kiwon, checking some big tournaments and cheering for Blackie on BC card cup, etc etc.. ^^ Here are some pictures. (from now on news will be uploaded right after the events^^)

welcome party (from the left: dia, fritiof, nicolas)

welcome party (on the left: blackie, fritiof, nicolas.. on the right: mr seong /korean school's owner/, jon, zoli)

hiking, alex on the top^^ (blackie: "more, more, a little bit more behind" - it seems he thought we have too many students.. :)

Several pro players, amateurs and journalists went to Kiwon to follow and study the game between Lee Sedol and Guli. It was the final game on BC card cup, 5th round. (the quality of the video is not the best but you can still see how many people were interested in the final)

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