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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Blackie's Result on BC Card Cup (a bit old news, but big ^^)

Kim Seungjun (Blackie) 9p vs Yoo Chang-hyuk 9p, BC Card Cup, Best 32.

All the games from the best 32 were played at the Baduk TV Studio in Hankuk Kiwon and were live broadcasted through Baduk TV.  Mok Jin-seok 9p was the commentator of this game. He went to the playing site after the game and reviewed with the players.

Interview. After every game there is a short interview with few questions for the winner. Blackie talked about BIBA as well. ^^
- 최근에 좋은 일을 하고 있다고 들었다.
"외국 어린이들이 한국에 바둑을 배우러 오는 경우가 있다. 그런데 대책없이 온다. 이런 아이들을 몇 명 맡아 가르치고 있다. 다행히 도와주는 친구들이 있다."

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