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Monday, July 9, 2012

BIBA Holiday

Just like last year, we went for a short picnic in the beginning of July.
On the 4th of July, Blackie, me (Dia) and Gareth went to Kangleung by car. Blackie had golf meeting with other professional and strong amateur baduk players on the 4th and 5th, therefore we had to go first. Ben and Fredda were busy, so they came after us by bus on the 5th.
We went to the beach and I gave some life and death problems for Gareth, while we were waiting for Blackie to finish his golf game. At first he was solving them too fast, so I had to give him harder ones, so I could have some rest on the beach :)

The beach was pretty empty, but we had almost all we needed. :)

Gareth with his problems.
The problem in the lower-right corner gave him hard time.

After he managed to solve the problems, we played one game at the accommodation then we went for a nice dinner with all the GO(lf) players together.

left side: Professor Jeong (9 dan pro and professor at Myeongji, going to EGC this year), far away on his right is Kwon Gap-yong sabomnim (he was the teacher of many top pro players /Lee Se-dol, Choi Choel-han, Park Jeong-hwan, etcetc/ we often visit his school for match play), right next to him is Cho Hun-hyun 9p (was No. 1 for very long time, /until he made Lee Chang-ho very strong:)/ , he is Lee Chang-ho's teacher) on the right side: Blackie and Kwon Gap-yong sabomnim's wife

We got to eat some small crabs :)

 The owner of the restaurant
 asked an autograph and a picture
 with Cho Hun-hyun Guksu.

After the dinner, Gareth got to play one more game with a strong amateur, he already played one before they went to play golf. Unfortunately Gareth couldn't take his revenge.
We planned to go to swim around 11pm, however the beach was closed so we postponed swimming for the next day.

5th of July:
Anh Young-il 8p, who has been spreading Baduk in Australia already for 4 years, came back to Korea few days ago and decided to join us for 2 days. He arrived in the morning and played a short teaching game (even) with Gareth, then we went to the sea, but still didn't swim.

 Big discussion right next to the sea. :)

Blackie came back from playing golf around 2pm, we rested a bit,

studied Baduk, 

and finally decided to go to swim before the dinner appointment. Luckily, Fredda and Ben had nice timing, they arrived around 5pm so we went to swim all together (except Anh Young-gil, he had to meet someone).

Unfortunately the weather was not so good, it started to rain, but nothing could stop us. It seems the rainy weahter is going to become the tradition of BIBA picnics. Anyway the sea was still warm enough, so we could enjoy:)
After the sea, we were invited for dinner in a very nice restaurant by the President of the Kangwon-do Baduk Association. Actually his son lives in Australia and studying Baduk from Anh Young-il (small world) :)

On the left: Ben, Gareth, Mr. Ko (President of the Kangwon-do Baduk Association), Anh Young-il.
On the right: Fredda (half), Mr. Ko's son, Blackie, me (Dia)
The dinner was really nice, thank you. :)

 Me, taking picture of the red bean ice cream, which was served in a plate made by ice,
while Blackie is being very curious. ^^

To be continued...

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