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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baduk Festival

On the last weekend (28-29th of July) a Baduk Festival was held in Jecheon sponsored by Tygem. There were several events on this festival, such as Baduk tournament, singing contest, chokku tournament, etcetc. We have attended on the Baduk tournament and the chokku (footvolleyball) tournament, unfortunfately nobody had the confident for singing or dancing. Blackie could do it, but we wanted someone from the students :)

Members of the BIBA team for the Baduk Tournament:

Manuel (Canadian 5d /tygem 6-7d/, he just arrived to Korea one day before this festival)
Toni (Finnish 3d /tygem 6d/, he arrived to Korea few days ago)
Daniel (Singaporian 3d /tygem 5d/)
Gareth (England /about tygem 3d/)
Melissa (France /about tygem 2d/)
/on the Baduk tournament one team had only 5 players, so Alain-Melissa's father couldn't join us, but luckily he got the chance to play in another team/)

Members of the Chokku team:

On the chokku tournament we were the second strongest team, but the Baduk tournament seemed to be a bit tougher. Anyway, everyone had some good games.

Here are some photos:

BIBA team
(from the left: Daniel, Toni, Dia, Gareth, Blackie, Melissa, Manuel, Alain

1st round of the team tournament, indoor
(from the front: Melissa, Gareth, Daniel, Toni, Manuel)

2nd round of the tournament, outdoor

We have got several prizes :) BIBA team got 2 boxes of potatos and 2 bags of corns, Dia got 1 box of potatos, 1 bag of corns and 1 frypan (chokku MVP). So lunch and dinner is gonna be only potatos and corns for about 2 weeks :D Vegetarians are welcomed. ^^

After we came back from the festival, Blackie and Dia made dinner for everyone and Manuel got inspired by the potatos so he also made some special Spanish food by potatos and eggs (was tasty:). Thanks. ^^

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