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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Picnic in the Mountain

We went for a picnic in July /3days, 2 nights/. Blackie, Dia, Youngsam (Korondo) and 6 students (Daniel, Jonathan, Marc, Seba, Maxime and Max) Unfortunately Cory had to go home just before we could go.
We prepared food for everyday. On the first day, Blackie was the cook and we had a nice barbaque party. On the second day, I (Dia) made some Hungarian food. Actually I cook really rarely, so I thought it was the last time for this year, but I also made some omlet for the next morning. Lucky guys, aren't they? ;)

We played several games.
 Even tho it was almost raining all the time, we had lots of fun.

In one of the games, Youngsam and Blackie had to explain some words in English
and their teammates had to guess what the words were.
It is Youngsam's turn on the picture. Youngsam was going to Europe, so it was a nice practice for him.
Actually he did really well on the European Go Congress and won the main tournament with a perfect score (10 out of 10).

They get punished if they guess wrong, so they were focusing hard.
(From the left: Seba, Daniel, Marc)

The rain didn't scared us and Blackie took us to a nice stream near by.
(From the left: Blackie, Max, Dia, Seba, Jon, Daniel and Maxime)
Ah~ Marc and Youngsam got scared so they were just watching us ^^

Because of the lots of rain, the stream was really fast. 
Daniel had hard time not to stay behind Maxime. :)
/There was a photographer taking pictures, so we got really lucky.
He took like 10 pictures, but Daniel can be seen only on these two pictures ./

For more detailed information about the picnic, I recommend our student, Seba's blog. He wrote a nice article about the picnic and the activities. Merci, Seba! ^^

/If I can manage with the videos, I will upload some./

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