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Thursday, August 25, 2011

BIBA + Friendship Match

On Sunday the 28th of August at 6pm CEST (9am PDT) Kim Seung Jun 9p (aza, blackie) vs DexMorgan 7d. DexMorgan will play with white and give Kim Seung Jun 9p 3 handicap stones, while getting a 65 point reverse komi.
This is a unique opportunity to get to see a very strong professional player utilize handicap stones to make up for a large territorial advantage.

Kim Seung-jun 9p is a very strong Korean professional and main teacher at  BIBA, Blackie's International Baduk Academy in Seoul. BIBA is always open to students that want to delve deep into the game of Go and also those that want to experience what its like to have a hard training with Baduk. The school also regularly organizes field trips and other activities to get to know Korea. You can see more info of the school here .

DexMorgan 7d(Gabriel Benmergui) is the founder of along with Patricio Reboratti. is a project for a new web-based Go server focused on letting the community create content, activities, materials and services. Right now we are looking for support from the community to be able to develop this server 100%. In exchange we are giving special server accounts, a documentary on the building of the server, and many other treats. You can see more information at

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