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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hanbayon Tournament

Last Sunday there was another Hanbayon Tournament.
Everyone did pretty well.

Here is the result:

Mano managed to go back to the strongest group again. :)
Although Gabriel did very well in the first group, he failed to go up to the strongest group. That means he is not gonna stay. :(
Jiehui lost on time once, otherwise he did very well. :)
Anyway everyone made pretty nice result. Congrats.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

3rd Team Tournament against Yoo Jae-sung's Academy

It seems BIBA is getting used to these kids' style. The children visited us again and this time BIBA had better result. :) We won 10 games and lost 9. (two children played an extra game)

One of the students is yonguseng, the rest are from Hanbayon.

Friday, November 18, 2011

1st Team Tournament against Kwon Gap-yong's Academy

Last Friday we visited the school where Lee Sedol, Choi Cheol-han and other top players were studying. It is one of the biggest school in Korea. We are planning to visit them at least once a month.

BIBA students played 3 games. In the first round they played even games, in the second round 1 stone and in third round they played with the strongest students from the academy, so they got 2 stones handicap.

Dusan saved BIBA, he managed to win 3 games :), Ali won 2 games but the other 10 students won only 4 games out of 26 games.

So total score was 9 wins 27 loss :(

Score tables from each round:

Result of first round. Opponents are not yongusengs yet. Every game was played even.

Result of second round. Every game was played by 1 stone handicap. Some of the opponents are already younguseng. For example Ondra's opponent is from 6th group. Others from 9th or 10th.... and two from the 1st group are female youngusengs.

Result of third round. Every game was played by 2 stones handicap. All youngusengs are boys. The children from 1st and 2nd group are already played in professional tournaments and beat pro players as well. They are very close to become pro players (there was a small mistake in pairing so Jiehui got lucky and played with a younguseng from 2nd group).

BIBA vs Kwon Gap-yong Academy

Ondra vs Kang Ji-hoon (1st group younguseng-2 stones handicap, Ondra said the game was over after 50 moves)

Group picture

We will go back in next month. Hopefully with a better result that time. :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2nd Team Tournament against Yoo Jae-sung's Academy

The first team tournament between Korean kids from Yoo Jae-sung's academy was played on 3rd of November, unfortunately the result was not good for BIBA (1-11). A weak later BIBA challenged the kids again.

Some pictures:

BIBA vs Yoo Jae-sung's academy, First round

Second round, BIBA students took their revange :)

After the first round, Blackie talked to the guys, that they should show some power otherwise the kids probably wont feel like coming back again. :)
Also Blackie wanted to suggest to play with 1 stone handicap, but it seems this was too much, so they asked for a last chance to play even game, and finally they showed how to win. :)

Group review after the games.

So during first round they did 3 wins 6 loss, but on the second round BIBA managed to win 6 and loss 3 only.

(on the last two boards during first round the difference were too big, so BIBA students get 2 stones handicap, otherwise all game were played even)

After dinner, there was a lecture about Nirensei for 2 hours.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Very busy days 4 - Samsung Cup

After Hanbayon, we all gathered at BIBA and went directly to the Samsung Training Institute at Daejon to watch the Semi-final games; Won Sung-jin vs ChonYaoye, and Na Hyun vs Gu Li. Best of 3 can go to the final.

We were 15 people, Blackie, me (Dia) and 13 students, so we needed a mini bus and Blackie's car.

We made special training schedule during these four days, going to show through pictures.

List of the students.

BIBA - from the left, standing - Vladimiro, Yury, Dusan, Issa, Ron, Dia, Ali, Blackie, Fredrik, Alessandro - sitting - Corlan, Him, Gabriel, Ondra - and Benjamin -

Players, Leagues and Schedule

Detailed schedule.

League games

Studying together, giving interview to K-Baduk TV and playing with top amateur players. On the picture, possible to see Corlan playing with one of the top senior amateur players. Park Chi-moon 7d. He is a journalist and he also writes the Samsung Cup book every year.

Guessing move game. Ondra invented a game, everyone starts with 10 points and we can bet on the next move. Minimum bet is 10 points. If you guess well, you get 20, if you miss it, you lose your 10 points. Gabriel, Benjamin, Ondra, Him, Dusan were playing, but Ondra got to play with another strong 7d player, so I replaced him for few rounds. We were playing on Nahyun vs Gu Li game and Fredrik told me that later Gu Li suggested my move to Nahyun. :) But that doesn't count, I still lost my 10 points bet, cause I didn't guess Nahyun's move. :)

We were studying together with Hwang Yi-jhong (he is the team leader of the Chinese players, also one of the top player in China, he has been already in the best 4 in Samsung Cup. He is very kind and nice to the foreigners, explained many variations to BIBA students.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Very busy days 3 - Hanbayon Tournament

The team tournament was finished on Friday, and on Saturday everyone arrived to Sanbon. (During the tournament, the players of the team tournament stayed in Seoul) After we arranged the accommodation for 13 people, we played small team tournament at BIBA and gave more interviews for K-Baduk TV.

There were 4 teams with 4 players.

Blackie is playing on the first board for Team A and Dusan is playing on the first board for Team B. Two stones game, Blackie won.

Right after this busy Saturday, there was a big tournament on Sunday (30th of October), which is called Hanbayon. I have already mentioned this tournament, it is played on every last Sunday in every month, and of course this Sunday was the day. :) It is for elementery school students (there is no age limit for foreigners), before they become yonguseng (insei), so the teachers, parents can know how their their studies going on. (We can also see our BIBA students's improvements:)

Everyone played except Dusan and Fredrik, they got a bit sick, so they decided to play from next league.
There are 11 groups (strongest group and from 1th to 10th group) , around 20 kids per group. Swiss system. The kids has to start from the 10th group, when they first enter to hanbayon, but we can tell about the rank of BIBA students, so they can start from higher groups. our estimation was more or less correct. Ondra played in the strongest group. Benjamin and Him tried the 1st group. Gabriel made a nice result in the 2nd group. Ali got 3 wins while Corlan got 2 wins in the 2nd group. Both; Vladimiro and Yury should have played in the 5th group, but somehow Vladimiro ended up in the 4th group and Yury in the 6th. So Vladimiro had hard time, while Yury could make many wins. Sorry. :) Alessandro did very well in the 8th group, if he would have stayed longer he would go up to 7th group, and Issa managed to stay in the 9th group. Hopefully next time he goes up. :)

So if someone makes a good performance, he can go up one group, if someone makes bad result, then will drop down.
I almost forgot, Gabriel managed to go up to 1st group and luckily his plane is on the 30th of November, so he has chance to play next league. He promised if he can go up to strongest group, he will stay to play in the next league as well. :) Good Luck Gabriel ^^

Result of the Hanbayon Tournament

Very busy days 2 - Team Tournament on K-Baduk TV

Right after the KPMC there was a team tournament between Asian, European and World team (25th to 28th of October). The system of this team tournament is same with the Nongshim Cup’s system; it is called King of the Hill; the one who wins, stays at the table.

Rita (European Team-Hungarian 4d) vs Him (Asian Team-Thailand 5d)
Him won by resignation.

Blackie was the World Team captain, but on the first day he had time only for attending on the opening ceremony then he had to go for a long way to comment the 2nd game from Guksu title games. (as I said, really busy days:)

Anyway our players were Gabriel 6d, Avelio 4d from Chile, Vladimiro 4d from Mexico, Tony 4d from Canada (he is currently student at Myeongji University) and Konrad 2d from South Africa.
It was a 4 days event near Hankuk Kiwon, at Wangsimli station.
The European team was really strong, so as it was expected they won the championship, still there were some interesting games and dramatic moments.

Most of the players stayed at BIBA after this tournament, Blackie and me had to be at the tournament place as well, so we decided to study 4 days at the tournament place.

It was a good decision, we could study the games together, students could play with kids from a Baduk Academy which was near by and also got the chance to play with pro players who visited this event.

Mok Jin-seok 9p /mumu/ lives close to Hangkuk Kiwon, so he visited this event and was very kind and reviewed the game with the players together. This was the game when Gabriel broke Pavol's winning streak (Pavol had already 6 wins). Gabriel's win gave some hope for World Team, but unfortunately he lost the next game against Zhang Xiang (Singapore 6d from the Asian Team). Possible to see Blackie in the background, commenting the game on K-Baduk TV (each team captain commented three games on TV).

Mok Jin-seok made some difficult life and death problems for the players and for the BIBA students of course. :) Enjoy! :)

Park Ji-yeon 2p also visited the team tournament as well and played some teaching games with BIBA students. Fredrik managed to win in a 2 stones handicap game.

Blackie is reviewing. There were no tables left. :) Actually the tournament was played at the entrance of the subway station, so many people stopped by and watch this event.

More games. Park Ji-yeon played with Dusan as well and Kim Je-yeong (Kim Sung-rae sabom's daughter, she recently became pro) played with Corlan. Both games were played on 2 stones. Dusan lost while Corlan won. :) Me (Dia) and Blackie are playing another game, learned from European players. it's called petanque go :)

Since we were close to Hankuk Kiwon, once we went to watch the Baduk League games and Blackie played testing games with Zhang Xiang and Benjamin. Next day, they had to play together. I asked Blackie and he thought probably Zhang Xiang will win against Benjamin, however in the endgame, Benjamin managed to turn the table and made the European Team the winner of the tournament, by defeating Zhang Xiang by 1,5 points.

Two players (Dusan and Ondra) from European Team didn't even get the chance to play, because their team already won. Therefore there was an event game between Blackie (Kim Seung-jun 9p) and Ondra (Czech 6d).

Handicap was reverse komi 6 points, Blackie won by resignation.

After this tournament, Benjamin 6d from Germany and Him 5d from Thailand also decided to join to BIBA for few days more and go to Samsung Cup with us. Blackie managed to change Benjamin ticket's 12 hours before his flight was, we may call it magic. :)

Very busy days 1 - Team tournament with Korean kids and visiting KPMC

We have been very busy since the end of October.

First of all we visited the Korean Prime Minister Cup from the 21st to 24th of October.
Blackie was invited for KPMC as a refree and to give some comments, I (Dia) was also there to review some games and help with language difficulties.
It was also a nice opportunity to meet with our students.

Many players joined to BIBA from that tournament. Corlan 5d from Romania, Gabriel 6d from Argentina, Dusan 6d from Serbia, Fredrik 6d from Sweden, Ali 6d and Ron 4d from Israel already joined us for few days before the tournament, to get rid of the jetlag and to practice a bit before the World Championship starts.

They played a small team tournament with Korean kids, avarage age 12, avarage strength 6d. First round BIBA team managed 1 victory, thanks to Fredrik but 2nd round they lost all their games. So all together 1 win 11 loss. Soon they will play another team tournament, hopefully with better result. :)

After KPMC was finished Ondra 6d from Czech, Yury 4d from Russia, Vladimiro 4d from Mexico and Alessandro 3d from Italy also joined to BIBA.

Ondra and Fredrik did well at KPMC, Ondra got 7th place (Best European place) and Fredrik got 8th place, they both won 4 games. Congratulations.